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Notable favorites: Narrator, G.S.K., Peel St., Pamphlets

Notable favorites: Censer From The Footlights, Cooney V. Munly

Tags:Gothic Country, Country

Nina Simone

Notable favorites: Expectations and the Blues, Untitled Waltz, Owlsong, Heavy and leaving, Le Souffrance Des Gens

Tags:Gothic Country, Depressive, Death, Cerebral, Owl, Country

Notable favorites: Frozen, It Takes Some time

Tags: Sombre, Bittersweet, Low-folk Folk

Notable favorites: Friends, Clean White Bed, Dream, Train Song, Chad

Tags: LGBT, Raw, Low-folk, Drugs Country

Notable Favorites: Liar, Suffer Me

Tags: Experimental, Noisey, Manic, Dark Punk

Laura Les more like laura yes

Tags: Hyperpop, Emo-Rap, LGBT